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Wednesday, March 01, 2017
Web Portal Marketing

"What do we do?"

In today's rapidly changing and competitive business environment, companies must find new ways of going to market and efficiently and effectively attract and retain customers. Web Portal Marketing allows a company to reach out to consumers in ways that traditional media does not support. This sophisticated but yet highly affordable marketing strategy allows a company to prove concepts and model their campaign based on tangible consumer data gathered through the Internet and then translated through reporting services.

How does Web Portal Marketing work?

Web Portal Marketing begins by building a general concept of what a company would like to achieve by building its web presence. The next step is to elaborate on desired outcomes and establish a roadmap on how to get there. Finally, milestones and quantifiable means to measure must be established to baseline when goals have been achieved.

Markets may be viewed in segments and almost always follow a bell curve. The key to a successful marketing plan is to capture demand as the curve is on the rise to the mass audience in an emerging market. Keep in mind that new opportunities will exist in mature markets as well when new ways of doing business are introduced.

5 divisible groups of consumers:

  • Innovators: (3.5%) Leaders of the pack. Knowledgeable. Need to have the latest.
  • Early Adopters: (13.5%) Social leaders who adopt early. Look for advantages for a broader scope.
  • Early Majority: (34%) Deliberate. Require references and wait for feedback until moving forward.
  • Late Majority: (34%) Maintaining but not leading. Prefer simple solutions. Usually resistant to change and risk adverse.
  • Laggards: (16%) Always avoid change and risk. Only move when out of options.
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